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Stage planning and operation

We plan and manage appropriate music stages for places that require stage planning, such as events and corporate reception parties. We plan to ensure that the event goes smoothly, from the placement of musicians to the placement of the necessary professional staff.

event planning and management


Musician mediation


We are arranging musicians who will be the key to stage planning. Not only musicians registered with ABiRu, but also non-registered musicians can book and negotiate from a wide network according to their needs.

Agent sales

sales agent

We sell artist goods, instructional tools, and music equipment on behalf of us. We carry out sales marketing with appropriate business planning so that customers can create products and services that they truly want, deliver that information, and effectively obtain their value. Products and teaching materials can be sold from this site shop.
It is also possible to create individual brand pages that introduce products.
​ If you would like a sales contract, please contact us using the inquiry form.


Music school management

music school management

We operate a music class.

We also undertake support for opening a subscription lesson site specializing in online.

If you would like to open the site, please contact us from the inquiry form.

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