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music school

We operate a music class.

We also undertake support for opening a subscription lesson site specializing in online.

music school ABiRu ⇨ WEB

In setting up this school

We have designed around three pillars.

①Providing high quality lessons

② A program that is close to the individual

③ Classroom that you can attend with peace of mind


With the staff to introduce each pillar with confidence

We had a close meeting and I have experienced it so far.

Further brush up the lesson know-how,

Before the lesson, during the lesson, after the lesson and after opening the door,

All the time to get back

I want you to feel comfortable

We run the classroom with the thought.


To maximize your musical life

We will do our best to help you.

First of all, please take a trial lesson!

Drummates ⇨ WEB

This is a monthly lesson site for drums produced by ABiRu.

You can watch hundreds of lesson videos as much as you want.

Not only those who are starting drums from now on, but also experienced people will be able to enjoy it.

ABiRu undertakes support for such site creation.

A complete original page will be created by a dedicated WEB programmer.

Complete your site with full support, including payment process settings, subscription management, and video updates.

For more information contact us please.

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