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mission statement

Creating a "fun" environment through music

"Music" that is always close to life.

It also functions as a main dish to enjoy itself

It also works as a side dish.

Event Movie Net TV Radio Eating and drinking Rest space production .......

There are various ways to use it and it is endless.

And they entertain and give people joy.

By connecting "music" and "something", the story becomes deeper.

"Self" and "Music"

"Friends" and "Music"

"Family" and "Music"

"Work" and "Music"


We are ABiRu

We plan and propose the connection efficiently and smartly together.

"Social music creator".

What we do

Event planning / management Musician placement lesson Classroom management Musical instrument / teaching material sales agency

We will help you from planning to event production that suits your purpose.

Mediation of a musician band that matches it. Arrangements by vendors, etc.

We will create the best events by making full use of our nationwide network.

Operation of music school ABiRu.

Produced by freelance musicians and engineers

We assist in the sale of musical instruments, equipment, instructional tools, etc.

We will respond to all the requests to connect "music" and "something".

What is music for you

When facing music, each has its own feelings.

"I want to relax"

"I want to be impressed"

"I want to entertain people"

"I want to learn"

"I want to make my dreams come true"

Let us help you reach that goal.

Finding new happiness together is our motto.



5-18-1 Haruokatori, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi Park Kokura 1F South Room


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