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[SPICE CURRY (SC-1)] Guitar effector


It is such a project that connects "sound" and "food", converts and constructs what is inspired by the taste, appearance, and aroma of various "food" into sound, and makes it directly resonate in the brain.

The first is "SPICE CURRY".

Made from pushing the spa, he has a rich scent and gives a really appetizing and stimulating stimulus. An adult curry that changes in any way depending on the spices you put in.

Please appreciate it.


◇ Based on the circuit called the standard transparent system, we further pursued each part and constant, aiming for such a tone that has a delicacy in the roughness.


◇ In addition, in order to add a gang and a gang to them, a built-in clipping switching circuit that changes the voltage switching between 9V and 18V and the nuance of distortion.


◇ 9V drive gives a dense and powerful sound, and 18V drive gives a wider range and dynamics.

It's a curry-like overdrive with a spicy taste that works for each clipping.


◇ Buffered bypass specifications.

It always goes through the buffer when bypassed. The buffer part is a boosted 18V drive regardless of voltage switching, so be sure to use a 9V adapter.


◇ When set to 18V, the LED becomes bright.




SPICE CURRY (SC-1) / R Diner Sounds [shipping included]

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