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Formed in January 2018 by drummer Harutaka Sakita, a group of cutting-edge artists who are active in various genres and scenes. 2 Sax, E.Guitar, E.Bass, Drums, and "Soul Jazz Funk Instrumental Band" from Nagoya, which plays an electric and acoustic sound using Keyboard and Piano.


All the songs are original songs, and all the band members compose and arrange them, so various personalities are integrated to create a unique sound.


Since there are also heated solos and improvisations at live performances, different content is creatively unfolded each time even for the same song, but even so, the song itself is catchy and easy to listen to, so "I want to listen to it again once I listen to it." It has been well received by many repeaters.


The band was created with the thought of Harutaka Sakita, "I want to create a band that has improvisation but has a perfect band sound and can create a sound that will remain in the hearts of the listeners." The members are Ts Yamazaki. Takadai As Rika Sato P Shota Watanabe Gt Eizo Koganesaka B Shotaro Kaji was appointed, and was named "ULTIMATES" = "ultimate body" from the idea of "SOUND" that only this member can do.


October 2018 Released 1st album * Smug Radio *.

It has been published in Jazz Japan No. 100 and No. 101 and is attracting attention.

SMUG RADIO / Ultimates

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