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Drummer "Niwa" Nanafuku "Waku" finally publishes the long-awaited rudiments instructional book!


Three points that we recommend to complete.

① Do not close without permission when standing on the music stand.

(2) A QR code is attached to each musical score, and you can watch a model video in the video.

(3) It is clearly stated what kind of technique can be acquired by each exercise.

In particular, the third point is described in a delicate manner unlike any other teaching material.

There are no other points to recommend, but the contents are condensed in this one book.


The drummer " Shintaro " of that super popular band "UVERworld" has also praised it.


The second edition has already been published, and it is only a matter of time before the second edition is sold out. We recommend you to purchase as soon as possible.


* Some contents have been uploaded as photos with the permission of the author.


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