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our mission

Helping to connect "music" and "something"

"Music" that is always close to life.

It also functions as a main dish to enjoy itself

It also works as a side dish.

Event Movie Net TV Radio Eating and drinking Rest space production .......

There are various ways to use it and it is endless.

And they entertain and give people joy.

By connecting "music" and "something", the story becomes deeper.

Planning / Proposal / Mediation

Good performers and staff are indispensable for producing a good event.

ABiRu makes use of its nationwide network to propose artists that meet their needs.

We also support the planning and management of events.

​​ We will carefully plan and propose to climb the stairs step by step.

Sell goods

We have a shop for creators.

Supports a wide range of audio equipment such as artist goods, instructional tools, and effectors.

Equipped with an online payment system. We also undertake the production of product introduction sites.

We will help you spread your self-confidence to more people.

School management

In addition to running a music school

We undertake the production of online lesson sites launched by artists individually.

It is fully equipped with a completely original site and can be accessed from all over the country.

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5-18-1 Haruokatori, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi Park Kokura 1F South Room


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